Embarrassing strip searches

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The court vacated that decision and placed the matter on the en banc calendar. I disagree, however, with the majority's finding that the district court "correctly concluded that there was reasonable suspicion to conduct the search. Robert Sedler, a distinguished professor at Wayne State University's law school, says it wouldn't appear to be pertinent to the constitutional question of the case — that is, whether group strip searches, or those conducted in an area where male officers could observe, constitutes an unreasonable search under the Fourth Amendment. We assume, then, that the prison authorities told Spear she was not free to leave. The county offers a description of a more professional environment, saying, "We have sanitary napkins readily available for all female inmates who alert us that they are on their menstrual period.

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As there was not reasonable suspicion and because the facts casting suspicion upon Spear were so meager, making it apparent to the officials that they did not have reasonable suspicion to perform the search, the officials violated Spear's Fourth Amendment right to be free from an unreasonable search.

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We don't strip search air travelers. So why do we still force inmates to undress?

However, a criminal conviction is a prerequisite for the role of prison informant. Dezsi also represents a former inmate named Amanda Sumpter with a similar set of allegations, spanning two divisions of the jail and illustrating a number of scenarios where group strip searches take place. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Read More Savage Love: Nor can we even say that the search of her car absent any suspicion was per se unreasonable. Sanitation searches, as they're colloquially called, occur inside Division 3 at the Dickerson Correctional Facility in Hamtramck. The record contains copies of regulations governing the search of automobiles.

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embarrassing strip searches
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embarrassing strip searches
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