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Daddies, your little girls need you. I don't think I crawled in between my parents once that I remember, but every morning when Papa left for work, I'd get in bed with Nana. But, instead her father is neglecting to guide her when she needs it most and is setting her up for a life of heartbreak and delinquency. Fathers, be good to your daughters. It's your choice to listen, so don't. This broken form of fatherhood is becoming an epidemic in America, and throughout the world. There's the shudder again.

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When I was scared when I was about 11 or 12, and had random nightmares I'd go knock on my parents door and my mom would ask what had happened and I'd just crawl in to bed next to my mom until I wasn't so scared.

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Miley Cyrus laps up the sun in a teeny bikini with dad Billy Ray

You'd imagine that Miley would be surrounded by aides who would immediately stop the interview, then stop her pocket money for a month, but no, she was allowed to continue, "I'll go into their bedroom and snuggle with my mom, because I've been working all day and haven't seen her. I think Lohan could have used some of that family bonding TBH with a different family That's still my Miley. That alone is worth celebrating. LL should take Heidi Klum up on that offer to live with her so she can straighten her out.

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miley cyrus fucks daddy
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miley cyrus fucks daddy
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  1. the first scene has one of the worst cringiest dialogues i've ever heard.