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Near large rookeries several such outlying colonies may be seen. Here the wretched creature seems to find a difficulty in obtaining admittance. Keep your glance on the frond of the fern just beyond him, and he will stay. Through the winding subterranean galleries of the "buries" with their cross-passages, "blind" holes and "pop" holes i. We once saw five, and have heard of eight. Stoats, though not so numerous as weasels, probably do quite as much injury, being larger, swifter, stronger, and very bold, sometimes entering sheds close to dwelling-houses.

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Stoats are tough as leather; though severely nipped by the iron fangs of the gin, struck on the head with the butt of the gun, and seemingly quite lifeless, yet, if thrown on the grass and left, you will often find on returning to the place in a few hours time that the animal is gone.

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Popular Science Monthly/Volume 12/April 1878/The Wicked Weasel

Their range of destruction seems only limited by their strength; they attack anything they can manage. He told us he got in the ditch, half from curiosity to watch them, and half from fear—laughable as that may seem—for he had heard the old people tell stories of men in the days when the corn was kept for years in barns, and so bred hundreds of rats, being attacked by those vicious brutes. Walk across a meadow, swinging a stick, even humming, and the rooks calmly continue their search for grubs within thirty yards; stop to look at them, and they rise on the wing directly. So, too, the finches in the trees by the road-side. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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wicked weasel from behind
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wicked weasel from behind
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