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In the future, Stewie no longer goes by Stewie, but instead by a new moniker. The more realistic situations this is, whenever the character of Stewie interest involves is of his age involves girls. In " Death Lives ", Lois ties Stewie to a flag pole, and while she was dragging him up, his bottom dragged against the side of the pole, at which he tells Lois to go slower and that he must do it again while no one was watching. After buttoning the child up, he placed him back down onto the floor and walked over to the closet. Lois placed the infant gently down onto the mattress and covered him up with the blanket. He turned his gaze away from where Stewie was.

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The sound of thunder was once again heard at the same time as a beam of light shot across the kitchen, causing Stewie to jump back in fright and also causing him to lose his balance.

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The dog was still focusing his attention on the boy when he heard Lois calling to him. Brian allowed himself to get lost in the look of adoration the boy was giving him but quickly placed his focus back on the task at hand. In that part, Stewie dressed himself in a pink dress and ear-rings. Believe me when I say that I could do a lot better than you if all I was looking for was someone attractive. Peter's phone eventually breaks because of the app overload and gives it to Chris.

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